Meet Amy. A homeschool mom to three, ages 2, 9 and 12, Amy truly values family and puts it first above all else. She homeschools in Texas and runs an eclectic homeschool using classical, unit studies and unschooling methods. She has enjoyed using Evan-Moor in her homeschool and enjoys the wide world of non-fiction books for elective subjects. This homeschool interview series allows me to meet some amazing homeschool families. This one is no different!

Why did you start homeschooling? Do you still homeschool for that reason? Is there more reason or different reasons now?

I started homeschooling because I wanted to customize my kids’ education to their strengths and help them in their areas of struggle. I still homeschool for those reasons. I also thoroughly enjoy spending time with my kids. We have a lot of fun learning and growing together.

What is the most challenging part about a typical homeschool day?

The most challenging part of the school day is fitting everything in that we would like to do.

What scares you the most about homeschooling?

I can’t say that anything scares me about homeschooling. If we have an issue, we pray about it and work to find solutions that are right for our family.

What is your favorite thing about homeschooling?

Spending time with my kids while they learn.

Who is your homeschool mentor? Who taught you the ropes or you look up to? Why?

My cousin was the first person that I knew that homeschooled her kids. If I ever had a question, I knew I could count on her to give me good advice. She is terrific at researching options and keeps trying things until she finds what works for her kids.

How is dad involved with your homeschool?

Dad loves to hear about what the kids are learning. He joins in when he can and loves family field trips.

Amy has found consistency with Evan-Moor curriculum.

What does a typical homeschool day look like for you?

We start our homeschool day after breakfast and finish by lunch. The kids continue to read and work on independent projects in the afternoon.

Do you have a designated school area or school all over the house?

We have had a school room, but found that the kitchen table typically works best.

Are you part of a Homeschool Co-Op? And do you serve or teach in any way?

We have done homeschool co-op classes in the past. We have been involved with the same local homeschool group for over 9 years, where I have served as a group leader.

If you have a large family or varying ages, how do you provide quiet work space for each child?

We do lessons together and then the kids can work at the kitchen table or in a quiet space (another room) if needed.

If you have a large family or varying ages, how do you divide your time to help each child?

I teach one child and let them work independently while I work with the next child. Then, I rotate my time back to the first child.

Is carschooling a “thing” in your family? Explain.

Not much at this stage of life, though my kids are always reading or drawing in the car.

Knowing the value of family. Education doesn't come above family.

Do you work from home currently? Do you plan to expand your business when you are finished homeschooling?

I have a small business where I work as an educational consultant and author. I will be homeschooling for another 16 years, so that is too far in the future to know what I will be doing. 🙂

What will you miss the most about homeschooling?

Time spent with my children.

What are you looking forward to?

Enjoying each stage of life as a family.

Please share any tips or tricks you have learned along the way.

The best thing I have learned is to focus on enjoying the learning process, rather than trying to rush through the lessons.

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