As a homeschooler I am always looking for methods of teaching that work for each child. And as a mom of many, what worked for one child may not work for the next! This keeps me on my toes and always looking for new ways to approach our subjects, which led me to find a thematic, faith based language arts program by Kendall Hunt RPD.

This curriculum, Pathways 2.0 Reading and Language Arts for Grades 1-8, is a thematic, faith-based reading and language arts curriculum with award winning book titles. I received a free copy of one of these fantastic titles, Odd Boy Out, and it’s corresponding 2nd grade teacher guide for my honest opinion.

Award Winning Trade Titles

I have to mention the lovely storybook, Odd Boy Out by Don Brown. It’s a nonfiction picture book about the life of Albert Einstein. Children can easily relate to the character since Albert is presented as a small boy for most of the story. Kendall Hunt Publishing’s thematic, faith based language arts program is definitely enhanced by their fun and informative book choices!

Other titles in the 2nd grade year include On the Same Day in March, Cactus Hotel, Helen Keller and more!

Easy to Use

For a full year curriculum there are 9 thematic units, one for each month of the school year. I was delighted with Odd Boy Out as we love reading about historical characters in our home. This title begins the 2nd grade year with the first theme: Heroes.

The lesson plans are broken up in weekly sections. Not only does Kendall Hunt Publishing break up the lessons by week, but by day and subject blocks. Let me explain…

Each week you are given a 5 day lesson plan to include word study, reading workshop, and writing workshop. The task is listed, as well as any supplies needed. All of the worksheets and vocabulary cards are provided in the back of the guide.

Students read, write, and talk about ideas.

Word Study

The students are exposed to new vocabulary and spelling words. Games and flash cards are included to engage the students. These can be done with a group or an individual. Having an older student teach a younger child is another fun option.

Reading Workshop

Although this section is broken into whole group and small group parts, it’s easily adaptable to a homeschool setting. This is the time that discussion is introduced and students get a glimpse of the Socratic method. This is a great time to encourage discussion and asking questions after reading the story aloud. Each week, the teacher introduces a new book to enjoy. Don’t fret! All the questions and suggestions the teacher needs are provided in the lesson plan.

Writing Workshop

Writing, grammar and handwriting are included in this final section. Guided writing practice is provided as the students learn how to draft sentences and create paragraphs. Handwriting is included on the lesson plans so that time is provided for that skill. Another approach is to use the student’s writing as copywork after it’s been edited.

Faith Based

Pathways 2.0 was developed in collaboration with the Seventh-Day Adventist NAD Office of Education and Kendall Hunt RPD. The curriculum is Christian in nature, but please understand it is not a Bible curriculum. It is first and foremost a language arts program.

Christian character is weaved throughout the stories and the activities. Prayer is part of the daily lesson plans. And because of the Christian background, you can be confident of safe and uplifting subject matter.

Great for Small Group Settings

I had the privilege of teaching a writing/book club in Hawaii. My first thought, as I skimmed through the teachers lesson plan guide, was that it would have been so helpful when I was teaching at the homeschool co-op!

It’s detailed lesson plans leave the guesswork out and frees the teacher to focus on actually teaching!

Although it is written for a classroom setting, it is easily adaptable to your homeschool. The biggest change is the fact that it doesn’t take as long as the book suggests for each section. Less students equals less time.

Start next year out with a plan!

Kendall Hunt RPD offers a great way to be prepared for next year’s language arts! For a new homeschool mom, the lesson plans are laid out for ease. And the veteran homeschool mom could easily adjust the lesson plans to teach 2-3 children close in age. It’s a great option.

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