Thanksgiving conjures up gratitude with “30 days of thankfulness” posts, words of gratefulness said over turkey and dressing, and a gentle reminder to just say “thank you.” We should be thankful year round, but Thanksgiving is that time of year we tend to be more intentional. As I’m reflecting on all the reasons I’m thankful for homeschool, I thought I would share in the hopes that you too could reflect on your homeschool experiences as well.

Freedom to Discover

I love that my kids can discover new activities and subjects when they are interested. There is no set flow of things and we have the ability to be flexible. We children have explored many museums, subjects and skills over the years. Each one has found their “thing” and been able to expand their knowledge and had the freedom of time to do so. I’ve got one that has been obsessed with trains since he was 2! We’ve visited train museums across the country, he’s volunteered at a museum for a summer, he’s collected and read stacks of books on trains, and learned to draw locomotives in detail. I have another that was able to dedicate a year to training her horse. Another spent two years dancing. I am so very thankful for the freedom homeschooling gives us.


I’m able to teach from a Biblical Worldview and pass our beliefs to our children. Ultimately it is their decision to follow Christ, but it is our duty as parents to teach and raise them to honor God. Homeschooling allows us this freedom. It gives us the opportunity to sit down and discuss politics, social norms, and science from a Biblical perspective. Discussion then develops a independent thinker and helps my children make decisions.


I love books! The smell of the pages, the feel of a book and the quiet time cuddled up with one, is my favorite thing to do. Homeschooling allows me to have a huge collection of books. I own my own library and love being surrounded by books. My children have grown to love books as well.

I’m Learning

I learn along side my kids. Homeschooling stretches me mentally, physically and emotionally. I’ve learned to be resourceful and taught my kids those skills as well. I’m thankful for a growing mind and that I’m able to set an example for my kids, that we are never to old to learn new things.

Field Trips

I love that we can pick out field trips that line up with our studies, our travel or the seasons. And we get to do that when the crowds are small. I love hands on learning and field trips are a great way to experience hands on learning. I also really enjoy getting creative and turning ordinary trips into learning experiences.

Educational Flexibility

Every child is different and unique. Homeschooling lets me adjust to each child and meet their individual educational needs. I’ve homeschooled a deaf child, two ADHD kiddos and now a sensory kid. I’ve had some that didn’t need any formal reading instruction and some that need lots of extra help. I’ve got some that just get math and others that don’t see the point. I’m so thankful that homeschooling allows me time to work with each one as they need.

So why are you thankful for homeschooling?? I really want to hear from you.

Why I'm thankful for homeschooling.

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