Knowing how to express thoughts with the written word is a powerful skill. For some of us writing comes more naturally than others. As homeschool parents we get the opportunity to come along side our child and find the tools that work for each unique child. We are currently using Institute for Excellence in Writing, IEW, to teach writing in our homeschool. Although there are many great tools out there, IEW has been a solid, doable, and thorough writing curriculum and a great asset for teaching writing.


Help for the Teacher

First, IEW offers videos to teach the teacher! If writing is a really scary topic for you or Mr. Pudewa’s ways seem weird and different, these videos walk you through the process. It’s like having your own personal teacher. A group of us moms set up mom’s nights and watched the videos together. This made it much more entertaining and a good excuse to get together. It also enables you to share the cost of purchasing the videos. (Or just enter to win the 6 month Premium membership and watch the videos online.)

Teaching Writing with IEW

Easy to Jump Into

IEW offers a tier of levels, so that your student can jump in by their writing level, not their age. This is helpful and doesn’t make the student feel dumb if you have to use a beginner level. They call it the Decision Tree.

I will admit he teaches differently than I was taught in school, but it makes sense and helps the student learn skills that will stick with them for a lifetime. My daughter is currently working on a 4-H speech and she started writing her outline in IEW key word outline (KWO) style. She did this on her own and was able to build her speech with this skill.

Writing put into action. My daughter wrote a paper on Julius Caesar and had the opportunity to dress up and play Who Am I? with her topic.
Writing put into action. My daughter wrote a paper on Julius Caesar and had the opportunity to dress up and play Who Am I? with her topic.

Relevant Writing Material

The writing samples given are informative and entertaining. And when your student is ready to move beyond the basic A, B, or C books, IEW offers topical writing samples. Some include Ancient History, Fables and Myths, and Geography. I love that the writing has meaning and not just random writing prompts. I am able to incorporate into our other learning.

Nuts and Bolts

So how does this work?

What does it look like?

Instead of the student having to start writing their own papers from thin air, IEW starts them by writing key word outlines of provided passages. Then they re-write the passage using their outlines. This process takes the pressure off the student and gives them confidence when they see they can write an interesting paragraph!

The skill is built upon and the student is writing KWO’s and papers of their own before too long. The students are taught to decorate their papers as well with alliteration, strong verbs and adjectives, -ly words and more!

Teaching writing with IEW

Premium Membership Option

I am honored to be giving away a Premium Membership to one reader this week! And the winner is ….. Charlsie S.!!!! Congratulations!

Includes six months access to

  • Video streaming of the entire fourteen-hour Teaching Writing: Structure and Style teacher training course with five additional hours of student demonstration lessons at four levels
  • Video streaming of the talk However Imperfectly
  • Audio MP3 downloads of Andrew Pudewa’s most popular conference talks
  • Several digital PDF downloads
  • Online Master Classes taught by Andrew Pudewa
  • Access to the IEW Checklist Generator™
  • A one-time use free shipping coupon
  • Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization – Level 1
  • Content updated annually in July

The six-month membership and all the other amazing IEW products are available on their website.

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