Electronics subscription kits and giveaway! Building STEM Awareness in the Next GenerationSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is huge today in our computer driven society. Giving our kids a chance to explore the world of STEM is opening the gates of possibility.

So we were excited to try our hands at the second monthly electronics kit by EEME. Check out the first kit review on the Genius Light Kit and see that my 9-year-old had a blast putting that one together. She couldn’t wait to open the second box which contained the DIY  Display kit.

Review of STEM subscription kit by Project EEME

First thing I noticed was that this kit built onto the first one. No duplicated parts to keep up with and I liked the fact that it was a continuous project and reused parts we already had. Every mom loves the idea of having all the supplies provided, right?!

This time my 17-year-old son guided her through the project instead of me. Sibling bonding, right?

Building STEM Awareness in the Next Generation

She looks really excited about his help, right?!?!

Building STEM Awareness in the Next Generation

He really was helpful though.

Building STEM Awareness in the Next Generation

His turn to look excited.

Directions, provided in video format, are accompanied by written instructions that follow along so that the kids don’t get lost. It’s easy to stop and go back to watch what was misunderstood. I checked in on them, but for the most part these two did the project alone.

Lil’ Miss felt this one was longer than the first kit and lost interest towards the end. My son found the project geared toward an older child like himself. There were a lot of tiny parts which require some maneuvering and patience. Patience many 9-year-olds may not possess.

Building STEM Awareness in the Next Generation

Working hard, despite the distractions. In full costume none the less!

The information is fascinating, especially for those curious how electronics work. These detailed kits, that take less than 2 hours, encourage your budding engineers to explore the world of STEM careers! EEME kits are designed to explain how electronics work, yet have a desired end result. That is very satisfying for the child to see their accomplished work. Lil’ Miss persevered and finished on her own, regardless of distractions. She was very proud of the completed project!

Building STEM Awareness in the Next Generation

Although I didn’t get a picture of the finished project, she was excited to show her dad when he got home from work and he even played with it a bit. We are never too old to learn something new!

Click on the picture below to enter the giveaway for a genius light kit on Instagram!! I hope you win and get to explore STEM with your kids. Be sure to check out the EEME website and browse other options they offer.

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