One of the great things about homeschooling is the time to dig into topics of interest individual to each child. And with all the new subscription programs available, we have so many choices covering many topics. Like any other family, we don’t want to just throw our money at twaddle {twaddle: busy work with no real meaning or lesson}, we want meaningful experiences with teachable moments. Living in an electronic world, there are many opportunities for our kids to dig into STEM (Science, Technology, Electronics, Mathematics) activities.

Discovering electrical circuits with an LED light kit.

The EEME Kit

EEME (pronounced EE-mee) is an acronym for Electrical Engineer Mechanical Engineer and the creator of these fun, “not-so-easy” kits. We received the Genius Light kit. My 1st and 4th grader were the most interested in the kit, but was completed by the 4th grader. This age group is so curious about how things work and it’s a perfect opportunity to expose them to hands on learning like these electronic and robotics kits.

We opened our anticipated box and discovered real wires and electronic pieces, not toy replicas. That was encouraging. All the instructions are online in video format, which were easy to find. Setting up and getting started was a snap!

Homeschooling with electronic kits.

Digging In

At first I was a little shocked that this tiny kit had 24 videos of instruction! But found that to be a blessing, because it made searching for a specific step in the lesson easy. Then I was thinking that we were going to have to re-listen to instruction several times to catch numbers and other details, but the folks at EEME thought of that too! There is written instructions on the left side of the video screen to follow, plus written comments on the video screen itself as important info is given. The instruction was clear and my 9 year old had no trouble following him. She even made a mistake once and was able to back track and find her mistake.

Building electronic kits are fun!

Now the beauty of this program was not only building the light kit, but understanding how it works. The instructor took time and explained closed and open circuits and why it works, plus walked the student through several experiments.

Something to be Proud of

She stored her finished product in the original box and continues to try out her own closed circuits. The lesson took us about an hour and a half and held her attention the whole time. She was very proud of what she built and couldn’t wait to show big brother and dad!

Be sure to check out EEME subscription program and their other kits, including robotics! Get your kit today and explore STEM!




{We were offered a free Genius Light kit in exchange for a review. This is my honest review and not influenced by EEME. }

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