Budget Planner for Young Adults


Budget Planning workbook for young adults.


Going out into the adult world can be scary and overwhelming. I now have two adult children and as much as I want to hold their hand as they venture into this thing called adulthood, I also know they must wade the waters themselves. Part of wading the waters is understanding money and being able to budget what God has provided. The Budget Planner for Young Adults is geared towards 17-25 year olds.

I made this planner for my oldest daughter to help her “see” money. Where does it go? Where should it go? I made it as simple as possible while still being functional as she takes over her own money. My goal is that she not become overwhelmed, but build confidence that she can do this!

The planner includes 12 monthly budget planners and 12 pages of ledger. But since it is a digital product, as many or as few can be printed for use. I bound mine and gave it as a parting gift to my daughter. This can be easily done at an office supply store.

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