Creating a High School Plan Course



6 Steps to Creating a High School PlanThis course came out of my own experience and trial and error. Out of my frustrations and mistakes, I wanted to create a tool that would help others have the advantage when planning their homeschool student’s high school career. High school planning shouldn’t be scary!

Let me walk with you through this journey! Not only will you have access to the course material and the course FB group, but I will be available to help you on your unique journey.

The course consists of 6 parts:

  1. Road Map – know where you are going
  2. Student’s Interests – what sparks fires in your child
  3. Educational  Requirements – what’s the nuts and bolts
  4. Building Credits- what equals a high school credit
  5. Transcripts – how to create a professional transcript
  6. Putting it all Together – take all you learned and set your student up for success!
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