You’ve invested years into your child’s education and he or she is now nearing the end of their high school years. College looms over every school conversation and it’s time to take the ACT/SAT. Will your homeschooled student do well on standardized testing? How will they compare to their public school counterparts? And how do you prepare them for the college entrance exams so that they can do their best?

It’s a scary time for every parent, I’m sure! We feel responsible for their education and feel like we are the ones under the microscope. Before we get too anxious, we need to re-focus our energy on providing our child with the best tools and trust that God’s got this!

Finding the Best Tools

So where are these tools for ACT/SAT prep and how do we find the best ones? You’ve made a great start reading this post! Do your research and you will discover there are many tools to choose from. My hope is that this post will give you a great tool to use!

Best is an opinion, so finding what is best for your family will depend on… well … your family. I’m only here to offer you one possible solution to your test taking fears.

Hire a Teacher

Even if you took the ACT/SAT in high school, chances are it has changed a bit since then. And our memory isn’t to be trusted. One really great option is to hire someone who has studied the current tests and is prepared to walk your student through the process.

There is so much more to testing than knowledge. Test taking skills are essential. Your student has to know what the question is asking so they can give the answer the test is looking for. They need to know how to choose the best answer from multiple choice. Even learning how to use a scantron can be challenging!

I have a high school junior that is facing college entrance exams and ACT/SAT and we were blessed with free access to Mr. D’s Math online classes. And although I was compensated for my opinion, it is my personal opinion. I was not pressured to write a positive review and am here to share with you our experience with Mr. D’s Online Math Program.

ACT/SAT online math prep courses.

Mr. D to the Rescue

Studying for a test is not at the top of my favorite things to do and my teenager definitely doesn’t crave to do any such thing. I reluctantly sat down to my first online class with my teenager. An hour had gone by and I was shocked at how quickly that passed! I didn’t feel overwhelmed and was actually enjoying myself.

Mr. D taught class, but he taught us how to read the question and take out the junk. Once we were able to decide on the question and we weren’t distracted by the unnecessary information, the answer was easy to find. This ACT/SAT test didn’t seem so scary after all! He’s fun and engaging, so class was informative and went by quickly.

Online Class Structure

Mr. D offers both a live class and an at-your-own-pace class. The flexible options fit all families. I tried out both. The advantage to the live class is his help as you walk through the problems. He’s there to answer questions and ease you through each problem.

But being a mom of 8 and having a chaotic schedule, the prerecorded classes were great as well! My student was able to attend class when she had a quiet moment and really focus on the problems.

Not only do you get an incredible teacher and fun instruction, but he provides practice tests and helps for ALL parts of the ACT/SAT, not just the math portion. This really was a one stop shop for our ACT/SAT study sessions.

So what are you waiting for?

  • A live teacher to help your student with questions you don’t know the answers to, and the ability to watch replays on your own time.
  • Tons of practice exams for all parts of the ACT/SAT, not just math.
  • More than math! Test taking skills are also taught.
  • Fun and engaging, not boring at all!
  • Lifetime access to the class information
  • Math games for added practice
  • And more …

Sign up now for Mr. D’s Math courses.

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