You’ve made it to high school! But some of those classes can be intimidating. Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, oh my! Getting outside help to teach these difficult classes is definitely a good reason for outsourcing, but there are other advantages.

Outsourcing homeschool high school courses

Challenging Coursework

I love learning along side my kids, especially in high school. But unfortunately my time has to be divided between my high schooler and my five littles. Let’s not forget my duties as wife, mom, and entrepreneur. So doing a full high school coursework isn’t realistic and I have to outsource certain subjects.

Encourage an Independent Learner

High school is the time where we want our kids to spread their wings a bit. Part of that process requires us letting go. Allowing our child to have outside teachers adds just enough external pressure to move an unmotivated student. Having other authority figures gives them a glimpse of future employment as well.

Build a Healthy Relationship

This outsourcing also encourages your relationship with your child. The pressure to finish schoolwork isn’t coming from you 100%. It takes some of the pressure off your relationship and gives you a different perspective to your child’s education.


Outsourcing Options

Now that you want to outsource some of those high school courses, where do you find them? I’m going to highlight some great programs, but there are many to choose from. And don’t forget to check your local homeschool groups for hands on science and art classes. If your child is mature enough to handle some dual credit, those are an option as well.

College Prep Science

– Christ-Centered Live Online Classes & Lab Intensives

Looking for a Christian perspective, but still want a high level science course? This is the perfect solution! Lab intensives, 2 day Biology and Chemistry labs) are offered at 15 locations nationwide.

– For 6th – 12th Grade Homeschooled Students

Perfect for middle and high school age students.

– Strong Focus on Preparing Students for College & Life

These are quality courses geared at preparing your child for college level work. Not only do they offer science courses, but also ACT and CLEP Biology prep.

– Support for Parents

College Prep Science is founded and run by a homeschool dad with 20+ years of experience teaching homeschooled students. He has experience and can relate to you. On that note, they will be adding a homeschool mom’s science podcast this month!

Mr. D Math

– Online Classes

What College Prep Science does for science, Mr. D does for math. He offers live online classes with the option to view the video on your own time. He’s a fun and engaging teacher, making math memorable and not so intimidating.

– Test Prep

He also offers 6 week bootcamps to help your child get ready for the ACT and SAT. This is a great time to ask questions.

– Video Library

As a student, your child will also get access to his extensive video library. Math is Mr. D’s gifting and he shares it with you and your student.

Schoolhouse Teachers

Online courses are a great option for high school.
– Unlimited Access to Every Course

Schoolhouse Teachers is an online collection of hundreds of courses. As a member you get access to all of them! Some are simply print and go, some video classes, and some a mix of both.

– Teacher Resources

They also provide you with teacher resources such as planning guides, print magazine and a huge amount of e-books to help you along your way.

– Extra! Extra!

Members also have access to Applecore Recordkeeping, World Book, and College Help. There really is an endless supply of resources and well worth the membership fee. (Currently running a BOGO Back-to- School sale!)

Adding Outside Classes to the Schedule

Deciding to outsource requires us to determine how many classes will be outside our homeschool and how many we will still do at home. Each household has to make this decision to fit the needs of their family. I can’t answer this for you. But I can point you in the right direction. Be sure to also check out my 100 Resources for Homeschooling High School.

Once you know what classes you need, decide which ones you would rather someone else teach. Know what’s available in your area, at your local community college and what’s online. Each family will have to consider time, travel, expenses, and maturity of the student. And don’t forget to consider your student’s learning modalities.

Please comment below with your experience with outsourcing high school classes! I would love to hear from you. I love hooking people up with resources, so let me know how I can help.

Happy homeschooling!

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