Meal Plan with Google Docs

We interrupt this Christmas spirit for some real life.


We still gotta eat!

I know we have all been focused on Christmas parties, Christmas food, Christmas presents, and Christmas decorating, but we still gotta eat! And during this busy season it’s nice to know I have meals covered. No surprises at 5:00pm! All my subscribers have access to a beautiful fillable PDF meal plan sheet, but this video shows how I do it quickly with Google docs. I won’t bore you with words, so here ya go ….

Get busy!

I hope I have inspired you to meal plan with this quick and easy form. Once you have built the form or printed off mine, just pop in a good movie and fill in the holes! Please feel comfortable to email me or comment below with questions. I’ve been doing this so long that sometimes I forget to mention details that seem natural to me. I want to help you be successful at home!

Easy Meal Planning

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2 thoughts on “Meal Plan with Google Docs

    1. I’m late responding due to vacation, but I’m back! With this many mouths to feed, we have fallen into a routine of monthly Azure runs, monthly Costco trips and the weekly Wal-Mart pick up. I buy the same ingredients every month and just cook from scratch. I have teens and they can help with the babysitting so I can escape to the store alone, but I usually have at least one kid with me. And Wal-Mart and Azure pick ups are easy and no one has to get out of the car.

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