This is our first year to incorporate drawing maps into our homeschool day. Map drawing and tracing has been a fun skill to give my children. But we are beginners, so to do that I grabbed a resource to help! CreateSpace has an easy to follow map series called Draw. We started with Draw the World and it was a huge hit!

Map drawing in my homeshool

We got ambitious and drew a large world map. It took these two about 30 minutes to follow along and finish their map. This was great because it wasn’t so tedious that they got bored and they had a product they could be proud of when they finished. The oldest colored and labeled each continent too!

map drawing for homeschoolers

So is the book worth it for the 30 minutes it took my kids to draw the map? Absolutely! The idea is to use it many times so that eventually the students can draw a world map from memory, without the book. What a wonderful skill to have and knowledge to retain! Map skills are becoming a lost art and I’m happy to give my children this gift.

We also trace maps from atlases and history books. My Father’s World also has a great tool in their 1st grade curriculum for learning the Bible lands map, which all my children have used. It’s a simple addition to any homeschool day, even the Kindergartner can trace a map. Our involvement in Classical Conversations this year introduced us to this wonderful activity.

The Charlotte Mason approach also lends itself well to appreciating map drawing. Check out Homeschooling Down Under’s post on Charlotte Mason geography.

CreateSpace also has many other titles to choose from. We are going to try out Draw Africa next. Some other titles available are Draw the USA, Draw Asia, and Draw Oceania.

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