There are so many things calling my name! Hockey lessons for the boys, homeschool conventions, homeschooling, hanging with friends, writing, dates with the hubs, and so many more. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Having eight children definitely stretches my time and forces me to manage it well or miss out on life’s wonderful moments.

I want to do it all!

I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). I want to do it all! Even when I was a little girl, my mother had to repeatedly remind me that I can’t do everything. The lesson never really sunk in because I’m still trying to do it all.

I have to manage my time. It’s my way of telling myself what I can and can’t do. If it’s written down on paper and I can “see” my time, then I can tell myself “no”. And not only do I have a paper planner, but I use multiple Google calendars and phone alarms. I know, I know. It’s intense. But we gotta do what works for us, right?

Time Management isn’t Hard

Whether you are a paper girl or a digital queen, find what fits your lifestyle best. If you don’t know, try both out. The Living Well Planner is my favorite for paper and Google Calendar is my favorite digital life organizer.

So if you are ready to jump in and redeem your time, let’s get started!


I am a list maker. Making lists and checking things off makes me feel good. The accomplishment I feel keeps me motivated to keep going. Yes, I write things down that I have already finished just so I can mark it off.

First thing you need to do is make a list of everything you are trying to accomplish in a day.

Then decide which things are your most important tasks. The things that have to get done on a daily basis.

Take only your most important tasks and jot them into your calendar. Make sure you leave time for each activity. (Hint: you can find a printable weekly calendar here.)

Stick to your Plan

Try spending one week sticking only to the most important things that you just put on your calendar. It’s ok to have down time. It’s alright to rest. Resist the urge to fill up all the white space on your calendar.

Next week adjust as needed and try again. You will find your happy spot.

Simple Steps to Managing your Time

More Help is Here

Do you feel totally overwhelmed and there’s no white space to be found? Would you like someone to walk you through the process of giving your time back to God?

Time Management for God-Following Mamas is a self-paced course with step by step instructions to help you build your personal schedule. God has blessed you with 24 hours each day. Take them and use them to give Him glory. Let’s work together to build a schedule that blesses you and your family by letting God have control. Course is currently closed, but subscribe for updates when it opens again!

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