Lesson plans are an integral part of homeschooling. 

Lesson plans are a necessary part of homeschooling. I actually love writing lesson plans. I’m weird. I love administrative tasks and crave organization. Who’s with me? 

I’ve tried so many printed and digital lesson planning sheets to finally just settle on creating my own on Google Docs. I will admit that I love looking at others forms for ideas and then use what works for my family. If you’re curious what a day looks like for us, check out this post. And if you want to know how I lesson plan in detail check out this series.

I hope that my ideas will spark your creative fires and you will be able to create simple, perfect lesson planning sheets for your family. 

If you are interested in making your own instead of relying on someone else’s creations, join me for this short video. In addition to my Google Docs forms, I use my Living Well Planner and Google Calendar to keep things running. I move pretty quickly, so please feel comfortable to ask questions and I can elaborate on those areas. 

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