What is Stress?

Sometimes we look at stress as a force that comes from outside sources. Such as traffic causes me stress, or I have stress when my boss piles on too much work. Those are both valid reasons to feel stressed, but let’s change how we view stress and discover where it comes from.

Stress is something that we develop from the inside. Let’s think of stress as a skewed perspective of the truth. Stress isn’t in short supply for us moms, especially when it comes to us preparing meals for our family. You see, the truth is that we need to eat and our family needs to eat, but stress tells us we don’t have enough time or money to feed our family right. Truth is also that we have ‘X’ amount of money and ‘X’ amount of time to provide meals for our family, but stress tells us that we are not doing it at the right time, or the right way or with the right kind of food.


When we allow this skewed perspective to take over our thoughts we feel stress. We are not stressed because we have to fix meals for our family. We feel we don’t have enough “fill in the blank” that causes us to create unnecessary stress in our lives. So how do we change this skewed perspective in our lives called “stress”?

Take a deep breath and clear our minds of this bad thinking. Listen to some truths that we already probably know but just need to be reminded of from time to time. The Lord is on our side and doesn’t desire stress in our lives.

Philippians 4:6-7 says: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Kick Stress to the Curb

Each One Unique

We all have different circumstances, not one of us are the same. There is not just ONE way to do something. We all plan and think differently. One woman’s beautifully detailed plan of a month full of meals may be another’s nightmare to try and follow. Whether you are reading this because you have no idea where to start when it comes to stress free meal planning, or you just need some encouragement to keep going, this is for you. Leaving our skewed perspectives aside, we can come to the point without so much emotion.

What?! Am I kidding? We are women, right?

Well, we can at least have a clearer thought process. My motto when it comes to being stress free is to breath, let go, find what is you, make that your goal, and then go accomplish it. We have already talked about how you need to stop and take a breath and let go of your skewed perspective of the truth. Then you need to look at the truth about who you are and what you have (time, money, resources) to come up with a goal. Your goal could be what dinner you will make tonight or to sit down and plan a whole week of meals. But the best way to not accomplish goals is to never make any, so let’s make sure we at least have the opportunity to accomplish our goals.

The Secret

So what my secret is to having a stress free meal planning process is simply to take the STRESS out of it! Take the pressure off yourself and BREATH, LET GO, FIND YOU, MAKE A GOAL, and GET IT DONE!

This post was written by contributing author, Dede Looney.

I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls, Anna (10) and Talor (5) and the wife of a wonderful man of God named Tyler, who is a Youth Pastor in East Texas. I have been working in ministry for about 18 years and involved in many areas including, youth ministry, children’s ministry, adult ministry, missions, camping ministry, women’s ministry, and family ministry.

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