I have been homeschooling for over 16 years now and I love it! But I especially love homeschooling high school. And you will notice that I lean towards the non-traditional textbook, but have sprinkled in a few traditional resources in an effort to keep it balanced.  I’m a research lover and you are going to be blessed by that, because I am sharing with you my top 100 favorite resources for homeschooling high school! So hang on tight, and let’s get started …

Organization/Planning High School

  1. Applescore – Although a stand alone product itself, this transcript service is part of my Schoolhouse Teachers membership! It’s easy to use and keeps my records from year to year.
  2. HSLDA – a necessary expense! Not only do they provide legal support, but offer advice for graduation requirements in your state.
  3. High School Planner – I love the well planned day planners if you need something physical in your teens hands. If you need something digital where you can just print what fits your family, Schoolhouse teachers offers an awesome selection of printable planners. I create my own most of the time, and I discuss that in this post.
  4. Unschooler’s Transcript Guide – If your homeschool is less traditional and you need help figuring out how to organize it into a high school transcript, Joan over at Unschool Rules has an in depth guide for you!
  5. 6 Steps to Creating a High School Plan – this is my personal planner and course, walking you step by step through the process.
  6. Homeschooling High School with College in Mind is an easy read to help make the whole homeschool to college thing approachable, written by a veteran homeschool mom.
  7. Does the thought of CLEP testing scare you? Find out more on the topic from Middle Way Mom.
  8. College Entrance Exam FAQs.
  9. Ann at Annie & Everything will walk you through filling out a high school transcript, don’t fret!
  10. And if the whole idea of homeschooling high school seems terrifying, Ann will help you with that too!

Math Helps

Math helps for high school

  1. Life of Fred Math – We have loved the life application these books have offered my family. A lot of people think they are a supplemental resource, but we use them exclusively. One is currently in the Geometry book and another is in the Financial Choices book.
  2. Khan Academy is a free online video resource that brings the teacher into your home. This is great for tough subjects like algebra and calculus!
  3. The Math Book for those of us that don’t like following traditional textbook studies. Read about math instead of just doing math.
  4. Notgrass doesn’t just do history but has a great Economics program also!
  5. Teaching Textbooks is a very popular math curriculum.
  6. If you have a kid who just needs to know why he has to learn geometry or algebra, try the Math Skills in the Workforce series.
  7. Chances are … Adventures in Probability. Challenge your high schooler with a bit of reading.
  8. Read up on some famous mathematicians.
  9. And a personal favorite is Math in Nature, it’s all around us!
  10. Sometimes you just have to have a little fun in life. Spice math up with Mobi!

Language Arts

Language arts resources for homeschool high school

  1. Easy Grammar – These are simple, one page a day, grammar lessons for your high schooler. My kids preferred these.
  2. Fix It – Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) created these grammar practice books that are a lot of fun. As the student corrects grammar, they copy down the corrected sentence and at the end of the book they have a complete story. It creates enough anticipation to keep going and not quit.
  3. Viking Vocabulary – an advanced high school writing and vocabulary course. My non-writer is excited about this one because of the topic. Got to get it in there however you can!
  4. 7 Sisters offers writing and literature courses that include no busy work and an element of fun. Try their Narnia Study Guide or a traditional British Lit. For writing they have options such as Essay Writing or Poetry.
  5. IEW also has a strong writing program. If your student is college bound, I highly recommend his courses. And if you have no idea how to jump into this program in high school, the website walks you through making the decision of where to start your child!
  6. Mad Libs take using our language to a whole other level.
  7. Looking for a Charlotte Mason Language Arts program check out the Queen Homeschool curriculum.
  8. Apologia offers some amazing products and I’m excited about their high school American Lit curriculum!
  9. Konos offers some fun writing alternatives with Write the Novel Way and Write your Roots.
  10. Word Roots is great for preparing for SAT/ACT testing too.

Must Reads

  1. Animal Farm or 1984
  2. Pilgrim’s Progress
  3. Huckleberry Finn
  4. To Kill a Mockingbird
  5. The Case for Christ
  6. In His Steps
  7. Of Mice and Men
  8. The Scarlet Letter
  9. Ivanhoe or Robin Hood
  10. King Arthur


Science helps for homeschooling your high schooler

  1. Apologia – Where most of their high school science is college level and very heavy, it is still an amazing program. They teach young earth, which lines up with our beliefs.
  2. Co-op Science classes – we found dissection was best done with a group. It’s not always easy to find, but maybe you should set one up!
  3. Friendly Sciences – Joey Hajda offers a series of fun science courses for those wanting a little something less traditional. Although I felt I had to supplement some, we still enjoyed to program. Check out my year of high school chemistry here! You can purchase these courses separately or Friendly Chemistry and Friendly Anatomy are offered through Schoolhouse Teachers.
  4. Theodore Gray – This guy loves Chemistry! And he shares that love through his books: Reactions, Molecules and Elements. Fun reads and highly recommended.
  5. What Einstein Told His Cook is a fun and applicable Chemistry read. Can you tell we did Chemistry recently?
  6. Crash Course Chemistry. These fun videos teach and entertain.
  7. Khan Academy also offers science video tutorials. Yay!
  8. The Anatomy Coloring Book is a great tool for a visual representation of the body. And if your kid is really into it, here is a college level coloring book.
  9. TOPScience is a non-profit out there to provide affordable hands on science projects. They are a lot of fun!
  10. Don’t stop doing nature study just because they reach high school! The Handbook of Nature Study is a great resource and don’t forget a good set of pencils and journal. Nature journaling is not only great science but can be a time for art lessons. We found Laws Guide to Nature Drawing to be a worthy art guide.


History and Government resources for homeschool high school.

  1. Notgrass History – They offer an amazing curriculum from a Christian perspective. It reads like a living book, compiled in a textbook. We really enjoyed it!
  2. Think outside the box! Tina offers 7 unique ways to supplement US History.
  3. The Patriot’s History Reader is essential historical documents to read while studying US History.
  4. 4D Cityscape USA History Puzzle. Because history should be fun.
  5. For those students that need more hands on activities, try lapbooks. Knowledge Quest offers many great history options.
  6. The Well-Trained Mind offers a wonderful History of the World series, using the classical method.
  7. Beautiful Feet focuses on living books and offers a Government course, along with many wonderful history sets.
  8. Change things up with a historical graphic novel.
  9. Mystery of History is history from a Christian perspective in four volumes covering creation to present time.
  10. Western Civilization or Streams of Civilizations for a spine to follow and keep you on track.

Biblical Education

Biblical resources for your homeschooled high schooler.

  1. Study Bible Maps with this powerful tool by Rose Publishing.
  2. YWAM offers a very extensive library of Christian biographies, a worthy read aloud. Yes I still read aloud to my high schoolers!
  3. Check out Master Books for several options in apologetics.
  4. Don’t discount the many Bible and apologetics courses available on Schoolhouse Teachers.
  5. Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God study is available in a student edition and a wonderful study to do with your kids.
  6. If your teens think the Bible is boring, they should check out Good and Evil.
  7. I Kissed Dating Goodbye for a different perspective on dating.
  8. Heroes of the Faith is a good one to read together in the mornings.
  9. Thinking Like a Christian is a deep, conversational Bible study.
  10. Do Hard Things will challenge your teen.


  1. Bright Ideas Press is your one stop shop for all things Geography! First find out what to look for in a high school geography curriculum, then head over to the shop and check out the goodies.
  2. Get Mapmaking! is a fun book that teaches the art of creating maps.
  3. Holling C. Holling wrote these amazing books and they are full of information and history. Beautiful feet offers a wonderful geography course using these books. Even though it’s listed as an intermediate course, I don’t think you are ever too old. The books are not childishly written, and you will always learn something new!
  4. Here are some great out-of-the-box geography ideas!
  5. Maps is a visual feast for your eyes!
  6. For the adventurous type, check out Wilderness Navigation.


  1. 4-H – This is an amazing program for building leaders and counts as my kids high school electives. We have done archery, food & nutrition, sewing, speech, chickens, horses, goats and more. My kids have gone to national leadership trainings and state competitions. They have served as officers and team members. You can check out my post on extra-curriculars for more info.
  2. Music Appreciation – Gena at Music in our Homeschool offers an amazing selection of high school compatible music courses.
  3. If learning from the pros is something that interests you and your teen, check out Master Classes! Ex: Samuel L Jackson teaches acting, Margaret Atwood teaches Creative Writing, Wolfgang Puck teaches coooking, and so many more!
  4. 7 Sisters also offers a Psychology course from a Christian perspective! Great, especially if your child is college bound and will need a Psychology credit.
  5. Here is a fun list of Elective ideas if you haven’t found what fits your family yet. Betsy also offers an extensive list of ideas. Electives can be so much fun!
  6. Crash Course Theater and Drama, because life just needs more drama.
  7. Micro-Business for Kids is a great kick start for future entrepreneurs, plus you can count it as a high school elective!
  8. Clipper Ship Strategy for teaching business building.
  9. If music soothes your child’s soul, try Garage Band Theory teaching music theory.
  10. Archi-doodle for your budding architect.
  11. Apologia offers a Health and Nutrition elective from a Christian perspective.

100 Resources for homeshooling high school

Homeschool Additions

  1. RightNowMedia – This isn’t a resource you can purchase yourself, but it is offered through other organizations. Sometimes your church will give it’s members access, sometimes it’s through educational organizations. Schoolhouse Teachers offers this service as well! It’s chock full of video Bible series, kid shows, and educational videos. It’s worth it.
  2. 7 Sisters – They offer many writing, math and elective courses just for high school.
  3. PaperBackSwap – This isn’t exactly only for high school, but I find many curriculum and living books available on this website. And it’s a simple and cheap option!
  4. I love Susan! She has an amazing ability to make every subject fun! Check out her long list of hands on activities for high schoolers.
  5. Just because our kids are graduating from home and not a public school, doesn’t mean they miss out on Senior fun! Here is a neat post on taking your own senior portraits.
  6. This amazing list is chock full of free resources for homeschooling high school. We all love free!
  7. Driver’s Ed! Most of our kids will drive before they move out, and many states give you the option of teaching at home!
  8. Yellow House Book Rentals is a fabulous service where you can rent your homeschool curriculum instead of buy! My subscribers can look for a discount code in your email on Friday!

Whole Curriculum

  1. Easy Peasy Homeschool – If you are looking for a free curriculum option, this is everything in one place and you can’t beat the price. It’s not fancy and frilly, but it’s a solid education.
  2. My Father’s World – In the more recent years MFW has pushed out a high school curriculum. It is a heavy program for those college bound. I found it to be an excellent course for those looking to pursue a 4-year degree.
  3. Ambleside – I don’t recommend starting this course in high school unless your student enjoys heavy reading and is comfortable with a Charlotte Mason approach. It’s an amazing program, but difficult for students to switch if they have been doing traditional textbooks or a more relaxed program. I still use it for a wonderful reading list though!
  4. Switched-On Schoolhouse is your all in one, teacher included curriculum. Of course you are always you child’s main teacher, but SOS offers everything you need in one box for when life is busy.
  5. Time 4 Learning is all online and offers a complete program or you can choose to only use a subject or two.

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