Today’s Homeschool Interview is from a lady that appreciates our need for chocolate and has a heart to homeschool her children in a way that creates curiosity and the love of learning. Dachelle at Hide the Chocolate shares with us how homeschooling has offered her family the freedom to meet each child’s needs, to try new things, and to work from home.

Dachelle shares with us how homeschooling has offered her family freedom.

Introducing Dachelle

Dachelle is a homeschool mom of three kiddos ages 19, 13, and 10. She defines her homeschool style as a relaxed homeschooler, focused on the Brave Writer lifestyle. Like me, she has a need for more bookshelves. You can never have too many books, just not enough book shelves.

Why did you start homeschooling? Do you still homeschool for that reason? Is there more reason or different reasons now?

I started homeschooling because I couldn’t find what I was looking for in an education to provide for my children. They had attended private schools, but I was seeing a loss of what I had loved about school as a kid. There was no outside learning, no field trips, very few enrichment activities. Everything was about testing and it made me sad that my kids were missing out on so many educational opportunities.

We still homeschool for that reason, but we also homeschool for the freedom it allows us in so many other areas. I firmly believe that education should be a living, breathing, tangible thing. We should be able to experience our learning and be provided with opportunities to add enchantment to our days.

What is the most challenging part about a typical homeschool day?

Coordinating all the things we want to do versus what we have time to do.

As a working mom, balancing homeschooling with work and normal daily life is always a struggle. Some days are better than others.

What scares you the most about homeschooling?

I think every homeschool mom worries about not preparing her children to be successful. Will they every learn fractions? What about grammar? Can I possible teach Chemistry? The key is to remember that no one will no everything when they graduate from high school. Be observant, attentive and willing to work outside the box to provide the education your child needs.

What is your favorite thing about homeschooling?

The freedom. Being able to see what my child needs and providing that even if it isn’t on the schedule. Being able to drop everything that day to run down rabbit trails and discover new things. But mostly the freedom to let my children be in awe of learning.

Homeschooling outside!

Who is your homeschool mentor? Who taught you the ropes or you look up to? Why?

The most influential person in our homeschool has been Julie Bogart. She has always had a way of getting me to see the big picture and to relax. She helped to to add enchantment to our homeschool and peace to our lives.

How is dad involved with your homeschool?

My husband is very supportive and has occasionally taught a class or two.

Do you follow a schedule during the school day or go with the flow?

I create a schedule each week just to help me have a plan, but I don’t think I go a week that things aren’t shifted.

What does a typical homeschool day look like for you?

We start with our Morning Meetup where we work on Family activities like Family Read Alouds, Bible and other subjects. Then the kids work independently and come to me as they need me throughout the day. Most days, though, we have enrichment classes outside of the home.

Do you have a designated school area or school all over the house?

We have rooms that we use more than others because our supplies or the computer are there, but we don’t have a room we have to use all day.

What outside activities are your children involved in? (sports, music lessons, church activities, community service, etc.)

Archery, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Art, Piano and Guitar.

Homeschooling allows freedom to try new things.

Is carschooling a “thing” in your family?

Yes! My youngest takes dance classes an hour away. So we are often listening to books on the drive.

Are you part of a Homeschool Co-Op? And do you serve or teach in any way?

We don’t have a co-op, but our local homeschool group has enrichment classes. I teach Poetry Teatime, Book Clubs, Nature Book Club and Archery.

What are some of your favorite curriculum?

Have you thought about what you will do after your children graduate? Looking forward to it or not?

Honestly, no. I’m not sure how my focus will change. I have started creating homeschool curriculum so I imagine that is where my focus will shift.

What will you miss the most about homeschooling?

Being with my kids and watching their eyes light up when they discover something new.

What are you looking forward to?

Less arguing 😉

Please share any tips or tricks you have learned along the way.

A homeschooling coach once told me that “There is no such thing as an education emergency.” That has helped me over the years as I begin to stress out over if I am doing enough.

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