There are many reasons to homeschool your child. I have the wonderful privilege of knowing a sweet mama that fell into homeschooling because of her daughter’s recurrent medical appointments. I love that homeschooling can meet the needs of so many different families. And this sweet family homeschools in their camper! As part of my Homeschool Interview Series I was blessed to be able to interview Aunna.

Making the best of homeschooling in a camper. My first homeschool interview is of a family homeschooling out of their camper.

Introducing Aunna

Aunna is a mom of three kiddos, ages 7(girl), 3(boy), and 1(boy). Currently homeschooling in Texas, which is a very easy state to homeschool in. She decided to homeschool after dealing with multiple doctor appointments and her daughter struggling in school.

My daughter has a lot of medical stuff going on. … So we decided that for the next school year we would homeschool. I am thankful this year we are. Because we are moving at a pace that works for her and I am seeing her learn and grasp things.


Even though new to homeschooling, Aunna has found a combination of classical and eclectic styles to fit her family this year.

Lesson planning in a camper with the help of their trusted adviser.

What is the most challenging part about a typical homeschool day?

Aunna: Just getting started consistently.

What scares you the most about homeschooling?

Aunna: Failing my kids.

What is your favorite thing about homeschooling?

Aunna: Being with my kids. Seeing them grasp concepts.

Who can’t relate with Aunna? We all feel like we are going to mess up our kids, yet love the opportunity to be with them and watch them grow and learn.

Homeschool is done at the dining table in this tiny home.

Curriculum Choice

Aunna’s currently using:

  • Language Arts Curriculum – Abeka
  • Math Curriculum – Teachers Pay Teachers &
  • PE Resources – Gymnastics and Dance classes
  • Music Curriculum – Hymns
  • Art Curriculum – Pinterest

School Environment

I know we are all nosy to what school looks like in other’s homes. And although Aunna’s won’t look like yours at home, I love that she can pull off homeschooling in a camper trailer! We did this a few times in our 17 years of homeschooling and there is nothing quite like it.

Homeschooling at the table of the camper and who doesn't do school work better all dressed up?

Do you follow a schedule during the school day or go with the flow?

Aunna: Flexible schedule.

What does a typical homeschool day look like for you?

Aunna: Breakfast, then math or phonics and book work for a few hours with breaks. Then we get to whatever else we can.

Do you have a designated school area or school all over the house?

Aunna: We do school at the dining table.

Are you a library patron or do you collect your own library at home?

Aunna: I am a balance of both worlds, collecting our favorite books and using the library regularly.

Are computers a big part of your homeschool?

Aunna: We don’t have any online classes, but use a word processor or apps for schooling.

Are you part of a Homeschool Co-Op? And do you serve or teach in any way?

Aunna: Yes. I help but don’t teach.

Is carschooling a “thing” in your family?

Aunna: Yes, sometimes on the way to and from appointments or between events.

Homeschooling in an RV

We all struggle with finding the perfect homeschool spot in our home, but Aunna has an even more challenging predicament. Especially for us book-loving homeschool mamas, having only one bookshelf would seem like a nightmare.

Camper book shelf that holds all the homeschool books.

What is your favorite part about homeschooling in a camper?

Aunna: Favorite is space. It keeps me from getting and keeping a lot of “stuff”. Everything has to have a purpose.

What is your least favorite part of homeschooling in a camper?

Aunna: Least favorite is also space. I wish I could have a dedicated school space.

You have to get creative when you homeschool in a camper.

Some of you are itching to sell it all and go live in a camper, some of you shutter at the thought of losing all those bookshelves! But check out the Szymczak family and the Clarke family and read their stories of camper adventures.

Be on the lookout for homeschool interviews twice a month, right here at The Zoo I Call Home.

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