I get asked often how I plan out my homeschool year with so many children. A yearly homeschool plan is a necessary part to a smooth homeschool year. It’s not much different than how I did it when I only had three children in school! I know the idea can be daunting, but it can be done with little stress. And once you get in your groove, you will find it a simple part of life.

In this four part series I will sharing with you how I create our yearly homeschool plan. Part 1 will be an overview of what’s needed and what’s involved. Part 2 will consider curriculum choices. In Part 3 I will discuss scheduling. And Part 4 is all about making it happen.

Part 1 in a 4-part series covering how to plan out your homeschool year.

Let’s Get Started

First thing you need is a calendar. Simple, I know. There are so many available, whether you want a physical planner, a digital download or use an app. This year I am using the Living Well Planner for my hard copy, Google calendars on my mobile devices, and a self-created printable for the kids. I begin by marking off all vacations, 4-H events, church activities, homeschool group days and anything else we might have going on during the year.

This allows me to choose a start date and an end date, although I know things will change during the year. This is just a starting point and being flexible is a gift to any homeschool mom.

Choose Curriculum

Next, I make a list of what curriculum I will use for each child in each subject. Depending on your family needs, this may be a long process or it may be simply making a list of what you already have at home. I use my Google Docs to create charts if I need to sort through a lot of curriculum, which happens when you have five different grades you are covering.

Part 2 of this series will go into curriculum choices in greater detail. Hang tight.

Schedule It In

You have your calendar ready to go. Now you can realistically schedule time to work with each child, field trips and creative time. Part 3 will expand on the details of scheduling your day and your month.

Making It Happen

We have this beautiful plan, but will we actually pull it off? Will life take over and all our work be forgotten? What happens if a major life change deters our homeschool plans? Not only do we need to have a plan, we need to make a plan for keeping it. Part 4 will delve in deeper on this topic and leave you with encouragement!

I love planning for a new year. I spend hours and days and weeks on it because I find great joy in planning for new things. But just because you aren’t nerding out over homeschool planning, doesn’t mean that it can’t be a painless process for you! Stay with me as I walk you through this step by step.

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