Why blog at all? Why blog about homeschooling? Surely I do more than just homeschool all day, right? Well, for my curious friends, I’m going to share with you the 5 top reasons I choose to write a homeschool blog.

Reason #1: Homeshooling is our life

Homeschooling is a way of life, so yes all I do is homeschool! But seriously, homeschooling isn’t just the book work that happens at the dining table, it’s a way of living that includes learning about the world around us. I love sharing about the field trips, nature journaling days, character building lessons (aka chore days), and the life lessons scattered among the book work. And honestly, who wants to write about washing dishes and mopping floors? I love our homeschool lifestyle and I love writing about it.

Homeschooling is a way of life. A lifestyle we love.

Reason #2: I love learning

I love learning and I love sharing what I learned with others. A blog is a quick and easy way to share my experiences and crazy ideas with other homeschool moms. The blogging world has its own community and I enjoy jumping in and being a part of that. A plus to that community is learning from other homeschool moms as well! We all have something to share.

Reason #3: Journaling is now digital

A blog is a digital journal. I can record what we have done, recipes I love, and remember our awesome (and not so awesome) days by writing a homeschool blog. The blog, plus Instagram, create an online scrapbook and it makes me happy. I still cherish and value handwritten notes and journals, but there is also value in the digital content.

5 reasons I blog about homeschool

Reason #4: This old dog can learn new tricks

This homeschool blog has taught me that I can learn new things! It truly has been a learning curve and I am still on the roller coaster ride, but it boosts my confidence to know I can do it! I love the challenge, even though I feel like quitting some days. I stick it out because it is rewarding when I connect with another homeschool mom or master a new skill. And the extra reward of setting a good example for kids is definitely a contributing factor to my longevity.

Reason #5: Contribute financially

Making money with my blog to help my family finances.

This girl is happy to contribute to our income! Feeding all these kids on a meager soldier’s salary isn’t for the weak hearted. The idea that I can share my knowledge, experience and advice and it then converts itself into revenue is amazing! Homeschooling is my first and full time job and I won’t let anything interfere with that, yet blogging allows me a way to mix the two worlds and bring in income. I got started with Suzi’s courses over at Start a Mom Blog. Check it out if you think blogging is something you may be interested in.

5 Reasons I love blogging about our homeschool!
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