The mom-mobile, the family vehicle, the homeschool bus.

I never wanted to be a minivan mom. I am a country girl and was comfortable in a truck. But now having eight children to taxi around, a truck isn’t going to do the job. But then, I do kind of drive a truck.

I get asked often how we get all ten of us around. I love to answer this question, because I love my truck so much! Yes, I said truck. It’s technically a SUV, but I call it a truck. It drives like a truck, it pulls like a truck, it looks like a truck, without the truck bed. It’s the perfect family vehicle for me!

Over nine years ago my husband was away at basic training and I had a double cab dually pick up truck. All six of us could fit in it at the time, but one more kid and we wouldn’t fit anymore. Plus it wasn’t very trustworthy anymore. Time for an upgrade.

A large family solution to the family vehicle.

Grateful to a cousin that sold us their 2003 Ford Excursion with a 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel. I’m mentioning this engine because it’s important to note, especially when I let you know that we now have 350,000 miles on her.  A diesel was a wise choice for us too, because gas mileage is very reasonable. Sally’s been good to us! Yes, I name my vehicles, don’t you? I have a VW Bug that I named Daisy too!

The Excursion seats eight very comfortably. I never had any issues getting car seats to fit, there is plenty of cargo space in the back, and the middle seat can fold out of the way if needed. The back hatch has a three door system. The window goes up and the bottom half opens out with two doors. It’s very easy to get stuff in and out.

After baby number six arrived we maxed out the seating. Truck was still running good and I definitely didn’t want to upgrade yet. The cost of getting a new vehicle that would seat 10+ when you already have a paid off vehicle isn’t a smart move.

Four years ago we started shopping for a fourth row seat. The $1000 cost would put a dent in the budget, but it was better than getting a homeschool bus. Then God intervened and out of the blue, an out-of-state friend contacted me asking if we were in need of their 4th row! We both drive Excursions and have large families, but they were done with their 4th row. For half the price we were able to fit our family in one vehicle!

Now I have a teen drivers and we don’t always go together everywhere, so the back seat usually only gets used on the way to church or to store my stroller. Finding the perfect family vehicle will depend on how many people are in your family, your budget, and how often you all ride together.

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