We teach from a young earth perspective with our focus on creation science in our home. I’m always on the lookout for scientific books teaching from the same perspective. I was so excited to get my hands on a beautiful book full of pictures displaying evidence of a worldwide flood. Chuck Renstrom’s Do You See What I See? was a delightful book to add to our collection. This amazing book received a First Place Award from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association and well deserved.

Our family was blessed with a free copy of the book and I’m now excited to share my review with you. All opinions are honest, and I was not required to post a positive review.

Dinosaur Fans

My house is full of dinosaur fans. My boys spend hours setting up scenes where the velociraptor attacks the brontosaurus only to be sent flying across the room by his powerful tail. So as soon as I unwrapped this big, colorful book, full of revealing pictures, the kids dove in and started naming what they could find in the rocks.

Creation Science for All Ages

Although this book isn’t full of reading material, it will capture the interest of all ages! Renstrom opens the book with a little bit about him and how this book came about. He is unapologetic in his Biblical approach. The remainder of the book contains beautifully detailed photography with simple captions. Too many words would take away from the beauty of God’s amazing creation.

My kids dug in and really enjoyed Evidence of a Worldwide Flood.
This is not staged! They were really digging in and I wanted to capture their curiosity.

A Treasure Hunt

Every page is a fun treasure hunt for the hidden creatures that have become part of the rocky cliffs. This is a great book to add to your creation science library as evidence of a worldwide flood. It sparks conversation with even the youngest scientist.

Do you see what I see: High Altitude Evidence of a Worldwide Flood Review
My 6-year old, dinosaur loving, boy loved hunting for the creatures in the rocks.

Our copy hangs out on the coffee table for a quick peek during the day. The boys love sitting and flipping through the pages. For those of us that can’t venture to see the evidence in person, this book makes us feel as if we are there. The boys get to see “real” evidence of Noah’s flood, the same flood they read about in their Bibles.

Every family teaching from a creation science worldview needs this book in their home. It’s a high quality, hardback, large book allowing the reader to see the fine details in the photography. Pair it with a Creation Science curriculum like Considering God’s Creation for a complete elementary science curriculum.

And for more info on the book and to hear it straight from the author check out this interview.

Get your copy!
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