Eight out of ten parents I talk to are worried about teaching math. I’ve had my fair share of math woes myself! I’m so thankful there are so many options available to homeschoolers today, but that can be overwhelming as well. I’m excited that with today’s technology, I can now invite math teachers into my home via online math curriculum! Today I’m going to show you the world of CTCMath. I was granted access to their 12 month family membership and compensated for my honest opinion, which is what I plan to provide.

Easy Set Up

Math is not my strongest subject, so I’m always thankful for outside help. But I’ve opened many math curriculum and found them either overwhelming, speaking a different language or just not easy to implement and use. I felt I needed to start this review with how easy it was to get started!

The template is pretty straight forward and self-explanatory, but there is a library of how-to videos to walk the user through setting up students, lessons and testing. It is equally easy for the student to log in and find their assigned tasks.

To get started I assigned each child, grades Kindergarten, 2nd, 5th and 10th, diagnostic tests to accurately place them in lessons. This was an easy tool to use and set them up for success in the program.

Flexible to Fit All Students

Although CTCMath divides their math subjects by grade levels, the teacher has the option to hide the grade levels on the student side. For my students that are a bit behind grade level, I was able to hide what grade level they were testing and eased their anxiety. I really loved this feature!

I was also able to choose fractions from 1st grade and graphs from 2nd grade for one child. It allows me to meet the student where they are at and not jump ahead too fast. The combinations are endless!

While some students are auditory learners and love the audio features, there is video and printable worksheets for those visual kids. The lessons are short enough to even keep those kinsthetic kids focused. As a reward for completing lessons, there are games to encourage speed, times table practice and stretching the brain. I can’t say enough about the flexibility of this online math program.

My kids take turns using the computer for their online math lessons.

Short Lessons

The student is able to work at their own pace as the lessons are short. I know how much each of my students is capable of doing in one sitting, so I just adjust how many lessons a day they need to complete. This has served as a great addition to our homeschool with it’s great flexibility.

The Parent is the Teacher

Regardless of using CTCMath’s online math curriculum, I am ultimately still the teacher. I have control of what lessons and diagnostic tests my student takes, what order I want him to do them in, and when I want them completed. I did not feel stuck to a one-size-fits-all lesson plan, but was able to adjust the lessons to each individual.

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