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I discovered this little gem at a homeschool convention one year. The author had a several samples of completed science notebooks and it looked so fun, yet not over complicated. I (almost) immediately jumped in! And I don’t regret that purchase at all!

A Fun Way to Introduce Creation Science

This is a fun way to learn creation science!  It’s a 270 page lapbook style science program that can be used for a wide range of ages. Throughout the course your student will explore many topics, referencing the Bible as the authority. At the end of the year they will have a beautiful science notebook full of charts, drawings, folders, mini-books and paper replicas.
A teacher’s manual and student text are provided digitally or you can find a few used books floating around. I did this curriculum with three of my children, one of them deaf, and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t boring and gave them something to create. It worked well for each one, even though their learning styles differ greatly. To expand the study of any area, look up living books about each topic. Great opportunity for read alouds together. This is a no-pressure, fun curriculum. Science should be exciting and create curiosity about the Creator, pulling the student to want to learn more.

Review of a Creation Science homeschool curriculum.

High Points

  • Flexible. You can do a little of it for 2nd grade or do all of it for 7th grade. It works well for special need kids too!
  • Hands on. At the end of the year the student has a notebook showing all they learned about God’s creation.
  • Christian Worldview. Love the perspective of science this book offers my child.
  • Wide topics. It’s an incredible overview of God’s world: Biology, Geology, Creation, Botany.

Low Points

  • Availability. It’s only offered digitally now, unless you can find a used book.
  • Fine Motor Skills Required. If your student has difficulty with using scissors, you will need to do all the cutting.
  • Wide Topics. It doesn’t focus in on any one area, so if you are looking for something specific, look elsewhere.

Where to find it?

You can purchase the digital copy at the publisher’s site, Eagle’s Wings Educational Materials.

Or you can search Amazon for print copies.

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