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Kick stress to the curb.

Kicking Stress to the Curb while Meal Planning

What is Stress? Sometimes we look at stress as a force that comes from outside sources. Such as traffic causes me stress, or I have stress when my boss piles on too much work. Those are both valid reasons to feel stressed, but let’s change how we view stress and discover where it comes from. […]

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Stress free mealtimes. Enjoy these moments.

Stress-free Mealtimes: Moments to Enjoy not Dread

I love the idea of a beautifully set table, a full spread of delicious food and encouraging conversation. Can you picture it? A stress free meal where we enjoy the company of our children. But then I open my eyes and the baby is standing in his high chair, the 4 year old has food […]

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Meal planning with Google Docs

Meal Plan with Google Docs

We interrupt this Christmas spirit for some real life. We still gotta eat! I know we have all been focused on Christmas parties, Christmas food, Christmas presents, and Christmas decorating, but we still gotta eat! And during this busy season it’s nice to know I have meals covered. No surprises at 5:00pm! All my subscribers […]

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Salmon Patties: A Great Kids Meal

I love a good salmon fillet, but my kids don’t really appreciate the taste of fish done right. Plus my budget can’t really afford to feed 6+ kids grilled salmon! Salmon patties to the rescue! I keep this recipe pretty simple and even my 10 year old can whip up a batch of these patties […]

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Green Spaghetti, a fun recipe for a quick and nutritious dinner.

Green Spaghetti

{This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Thank you for supporting my blog!} Sound gross. I know. But the kids love it. Many years ago when I was still building up my mental cookbook, I came […]

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Best Spaghetti Sauce Ever!

The Best Spaghetti Sauce Ever

I’m bragging. I know. But my kids seriously won’t eat spaghetti sauce from a restaurant. It just doesn’t compare to mama’s at home. It tastes so good that we can’t bring ourselves to eat sauce from a jar either. I made this recipe up many years ago to help stretch the budget. Then I started […]

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A simple homemade granola recipe to fill your morning.

Homemade Granola for Breakfast

{This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Thank you for supporting my blog!} What’s for Breakfast? I’m not a fan of cooking breakfast. The last thing I want to do first thing in the morning is […]

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El Paso Pilaf. A frugal and filling meal.

El Paso Pilaf

This week’s menu plan brings you a family favorite I found many years ago. Our realtor we used to sell our first home used to mail these recipe cards. El Paso Pilaf came across my mail box and I was excited to try a meatless Tex-Mex meal. But years passed and I lost the card. […]

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My chicken salad recipe made from whole chickens.

Chicken Salad

  Every Saturday I will be sharing with you a recipe from this upcoming meal plan. I’m excited to start this new routine as it encourages me to get the menu planning done promptly, and I get to share some of my favorite recipes with you! Feeding a large family on a tiny food budget […]

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Little helpers in the kitchen rock! How do you start this habit and not go crazy?

Kids in the Kitchen

We have to eat at least three times a day. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with our kids and teach valuable skills. I’ve let my kids help in the kitchen since the first one was itty bitty. She loved to be in the kitchen with me and still loves it today. She now […]

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