In the Word

It is with His power and through His Word that we are able to fulfill our womanly duties and bring glory to God!

Kick stress to the curb.

Kicking Stress to the Curb while Meal Planning

What is Stress? Sometimes we look at stress as a force that comes from outside sources. Such as traffic causes me stress, or I have stress when my boss piles on too much work. Those are both valid reasons to feel stressed, but let’s change how we view stress and discover where it comes from. […]

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Simple Steps to Managing your Time

Managing our Time, so we have time to Live!

There are so many things calling my name! Hockey lessons for the boys, homeschool conventions, homeschooling, hanging with friends, writing, dates with the hubs, and so many more. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Having eight children definitely stretches my time and forces me to manage it well or miss out on life’s wonderful moments. […]

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Quiet time with God when you have kids. Photo by nappy from Pexels

Finding Quiet Time with God Amidst the Noise

  When you have so many people under one roof, finding that peaceful quiet time to focus on God can be fleeting. But I can also say that having just two little ones at home can make this equally challenging. More people does equal more distractions, but that doesn’t mean that two energetic toddlers can’t […]

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