In the Schoolroom

Homeschooling is a way of life. Most of my blog revolves around this one element.

Homeschool lesson planning with google docs

Lesson Plans with Google Docs

Lesson plans are an integral part of homeschooling.  Lesson plans are a necessary part of homeschooling. I actually love writing lesson plans. I’m weird. I love administrative tasks and crave organization. Who’s with me?  I’ve tried so many printed and digital lesson planning sheets to finally just settle on creating my own on Google Docs. […]

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Why I'm thankful for homeschooling

Why I’m Thankful for Homeschooling

Thanksgiving conjures up gratitude with “30 days of thankfulness” posts, words of gratefulness said over turkey and dressing, and a gentle reminder to just say “thank you.” We should be thankful year round, but Thanksgiving is that time of year we tend to be more intentional. As I’m reflecting on all the reasons I’m thankful […]

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Homeschooling with Company

The holidays are near and with that brings friends and family together! As great as this is, sometimes we struggle to keep up with our homeschooling with company around. Unlike public school kids, we can’t send the kids to school while we prepare for their arrival and entertain guests. Homeschooling must go on! Every year […]

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Map drawing in my homeschool

Map Drawing in our Homeschool

This is our first year to incorporate drawing maps into our homeschool day. Map drawing and tracing has been a fun skill to give my children. But we are beginners, so to do that I grabbed a resource to help! CreateSpace has an easy to follow map series called Draw. We started with Draw the […]

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100 resources for homeschooling high school

100 Things for Homeschooling High School

I have been homeschooling for over 16 years now and I love it! But I especially love homeschooling high school. And you will notice that I lean towards the non-traditional textbook, but have sprinkled in a few traditional resources in an effort to keep it balanced.  I’m a research lover and you are going to […]

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5 Reasons I Write a Homeschool Blog

Why blog at all? Why blog about homeschooling? Surely I do more than just homeschool all day, right? Well, for my curious friends, I’m going to share with you the 5 top reasons I choose to write a homeschool blog. Reason #1: Homeshooling is our life Homeschooling is a way of life, so yes all I […]

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Planning your Homeschool Year Part 4: Making it Happen

Whew! You have worked really hard at preparing for the upcoming school year, by examining calendars and time commitments, researching curriculum options, and putting all the pieces together into one beautiful homeschool schedule. Now how do you follow through and make your homeschool plan happen? Margin I discussed this a bit during Part 3: Scheduling, […]

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An interview of a homeschool graduate.

A Homeschool Graduate’s View

I love meeting people in the homeschool community. There are many of us in different stages of homeschooling, in different states and in different countries, in different financial situations and different family dynamics. We each make up our own unique homeschool! I love that we don’t all look the same. I was honored to swap […]

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How to schedule your homeschool year.

Planning your Homeschool Year Part 3: Scheduling

You have gathered your supplies and made a list of curriculum you will be using, now to make it all fit in your calendar! A homeschool schedule is crucial to making sure it all gets done. Life happens and gets in the way, but having a plan in the beginning creates a flow that results […]

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Books make great gifts for large families

Planning your School Year Part 2: Choosing Curriculum

You have gathered your calendar, homeschool catalogs, and motivation. We are now ready to tackle to wide world of curriculum choices! Twenty years ago, homeschoolers didn’t have many curriculum choices, even ten years ago was pretty limited. Today the modern homeschooler has a stack of homeschool catalogs plus the plethora of digital materials available. How […]

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