There are so many homeschool curriculum choices out there! It can be so overwhelming. I hope that my Homeschool Interview series expresses that there isn’t just one way to homeschool! Today I am interviewing Heather, a mom who uses one main curriculum company, what I’m calling boxed curriculum, to homeschool her large family.


Heather has 7 children. Olivia is 14 and 7th grade, Sophia is 12 and 6th grade, Rylan is 10 and 4th grade, Declan is 8 and 2nd grade, Shannon is 6 and he is in kindergarten, Logan is 5 and in preschool, and Keaghan is 1. I just love large families, they get me!

Why did you start homeschooling? Do you still homeschool for that reason?

We didn’t have a close enough Christian school, and public school was out of the question for us.

What is the most challenging part about a typical homeschool day?

Sticking to a schedule and making sure everyone does what’s required.

What scares you the most about homeschooling?

High school algebra­čśé

What is your favorite thing about homeschooling?

The freedom to teach my children what they will most need to know.

Who is your homeschool mentor? Who taught you the ropes or you look up to?

My sister homeschooled for 13 years. She taught me what was required, but died a year into our homeschool adventure.

What does a typical homeschool day look like for you?

The children take turns making breakfast, while everyone else does chores. After breakfast we read the Bible and discuss what we’ve learned, then we pray. We do school after that, until finished.

How do you divide your time to help each child?

I try not to do much extra during the day, so I can help as needed. Our curriculum doesn’t require much teacher help, which I love.

What is your favorite curriculum?

We do a lot at our local library. They have wonderful classes for homeschooled children! We love Christian Light Education (CLE) for all the foundation classes. Choosing a boxed curriculum, or one company for your homeschool needs, simplifies lesson planning and creates continuity.

Please share any tips or tricks you have learned along the way.

Try to follow a schedule as much as possible. We all work better when we know what to expect.

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