What I Love About Being a Mom

As mother’s day is fast approaching, I wanted to take some time to write down what I love about being a mom. And May is a special month for me, because it is also my birthday month, which usually falls on or around Mother’s Day. Plus I love spring, so this is a happy time of year for me.

I’ve been a mom eight times. And with every new baby, my heart just gets bigger. There is always room for each blessing in my life. My time may be divided between them all, but I believe the quality time with each one is so very precious.

5 Things I love about being a mom in honor's of Mother's Day 2018

So let me count the things I love about being a mom …

The things I love about being a mom.I love being pregnant and giving birth. It’s not easy and it’s painful and uncomfortable, but it’s something only I can do as a woman. It’s my God-given gift to let my body do what it was created to do.

I’ve experienced a C-section, two hospital induced VBAC’s, and five VBAC home births! I’ve learned so much through giving birth.

The things I love about being a mom.

I feel so blessed to be called mom, mama, and mommy. These little people that God has gifted me, that grew inside of me, and I have had the privilege of watching them grow.

I love watching their firsts, as they discover this new world. I love the excitement in their voice when they have learned something new. I love how each one has their own particular interests that they willingly pursue themselves.

Things I love about being a mom.I am so grateful for the opportunity to homeschool my kids. I know not everyone is called to this, but I find it one of my most favorite things about raising my kids. It’s not being in control of their lives, it’s about having the ability to “direct their paths in the way they should go.”

I get to see their excited expressions when they learn something exciting. I get to find hands on experiences to further learning. And I get to learn with them!! Homeschooling has offered us amazing field trips, life-long friendships, flexible schedules, and the ability to learn things we never thought we would.

Things I love about being a mom.I love the cuddle breaks. I’m a busy, gotta do everything kind of gal and I find it hard to take a break and slow down. Having little ones, especially nursing little ones, makes me stop and rest while I nurse or cuddle a child.

Great conversations happen during this cuddle time too. It’s a precious time that I value as a mom.

The things I love about being a mom.

And although learning how to lean on God and depend on Him can be painful and humbling, it is one of the things I love about being a mom. He has taught me and grown me in so many ways through this adventure of motherhood.

Wading these waters can be daunting and scary, but God walks with me and guides me. I still make mistakes, but I am growing just as my children are growing.

The responsibility is great, but the rewards are greater. I don’t take this calling as mother lightly and am grateful for the opportunity to raise these little souls for the Lord.

I would love to read about your favorite things about being a mom! Please share. Happy Mother’s Day to all you  moms out there!

And here’s a video the kids made me. Love these kiddos!!


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8 thoughts on “What I Love About Being a Mom

  1. So so so so so beautiful!! Love your kiddos and their sweet Mama Happy Mother’s Day and Birthday 💜 I also love that I got to carry and give birth to my precious children, homeschooling, etc. I also really love how they challenge me to continue learning and to be the best person I can be. As they are all getting older and my homeschooling years are coming to an end, it is such a joy to watch them fly. I love that I get a front row seat…and that they like me. Ha!

  2. What I love most about being a mom.
    I love watching my girls grow into independent, successful, God-fearing women.

    I love seeing them raise their own children with such patience and love.

    What I miss the most is those little arms around my neck and a sleepy head on my shoulder.

    I miss the look of excitement on their faces.

    I miss the ‘I love you’s when we said good night.

    I’m crying now but so thankful for God giving me my two girls.

    1. You’ve got me crying too now!! I know these days go quickly and I am cherishing these hugs now. Love you mom!

      1. I’m going to rely as Jeremiah and the kids did with 5 things I love about you:
        1. You love my son
        2. You’ve blessed me with 8 grandchildren
        3. You are a beautiful example of ‘a woman of God’
        4. You are a great travel buddy
        5. You love me
        What would I give you, if I could:
        The opportunity to dance all night!

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