Finding an accessible American Sign Language (ASL) course can be challenging and finding one that has updated videos can be frustrating. I mean, I learned with the awesome 1980’s version, but it’s not so relatable to today’s teen. So for all of those who have asked me to teach ASL, I now have a great option for you! As most of you know, I love Mr. D’s math programs. He is now offering an online Mr. D Math ASL course and it’s fantastic! He does not disappoint. Obviously he outsourced this class, but the young lady is animated and a great teacher. American Sign Language is a great foreign language credit for your high school student! Now you can get easy access to an amazing course. I’m so stinking excited about this course!

American Sign Language with Mr. D Math for high school credit. A great foreign language option!

Video Lessons

Since American Sign Language is a visual language, all lessons are taught via video. Mr. D Math offers you a great ASL teacher right inside your home! There is some reading material provided when discussing grammar and deaf culture, but most information is provided visually. Thia, the teacher, repeats the signs as she is teaching new vocabulary giving lots of practice opportunity. Plus it’s video, so you can always watch the recording as many times as needed. She does an amazing job and you can’t help but love her!

American Sign Language for high school credit!

Video Assignments

So naturally, the homework assignments are video as well. They start with dropbox, then move to sharing videos via YouTube. This is a great use of technology and allows the students to really practice their signing. It’s great to sign for mom and dad, but they probably have no clue what you’re saying.

Deaf people 20 years ago didn’t have the access to communication like we have today. My deaf daughter uses video chatting apps and video relay interpreters for all of her communication needs. Many of us have moved to online video apps due to the current mandates, but the deaf have been taking care of these amazing resources for some time now. Plus I think it’s great to be able to see yourself sign!

Covers Deaf Culture

Many don’t realize that the deaf population don’t just have their own language, but they have their own culture. I thought Thia did a great job of exposing the class to different aspects of Deaf culture. (When referring to the culture, Deaf is capitalized.) Sign language is part of their culture, but there is so much more involved! History and mannerisms and poetry! Oh my!

Raising a deaf daughter in my hearing world was more than just learning a new language. It was a complete immersion in a new culture.

Progress Through 3 Levels of American Sign Language

Most courses out there are geared for the parent of a deaf child or a college student, not being ideal for the high school student. Mr. D Math ASL courses move through at a steady pace, but not as overwhelming as a college course. This is a superb option for high school with the added bonus of three levels instead of the required two.

Three levels of American High School for high school credit!

A Perfect Foreign Language Credit!

More and more universities are accepting American Sign Language as a foreign language credit. Be sure to check with your student’s desired school choices and check for acceptance. And then go for it!

Outsourcing High School Credits

If you find yourself needed to outsource more subjects than you are teaching during the high school years be sure to check out Outsourcing High School for more ideas, although Mr. D Math offers a lot of options!

Complete high school foreign language credit with American Sign Language.
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