About Us

Welcome to the Zoo I Call Home!

We are two homeschool mamas of large families seeking rest in the chaos of life.

Here at the Zoo I Call Home, we share everything that has to do with running a home as a Christian homeschooling mama. This includes getting organized, homeschooling, Bible study, curriculum reviews and more. We may cover a lot of subjects but they all contain one common element: the desire to find rest in the chaos. We live in such a busy world, surrounded by distractions. We often lose sight of what is most important, we lose sight of Jesus Christ. We are just as guilty as the next mama. We get sucked into Facebook and Instagram, or lost on Pinterest for hours. Our calendars quickly get overloaded with amazing things to do, but none of them can really be enjoyed when we have to hurry to the next activity.

God has gifted us with abilities to serve and worship him, to grow as human beings while we are here on earth. Enter the large family, and each person’s unique interests and dreams can overwhelm even the best supermom. To find rest in the middle of all this chaos takes intentionality.

Let us introduce ourselves!

I’m Felicia. Daughter, wife and mama. I’ve been homeschooling now for 18 years! I have eight kiddos ranging from 3 to 22 years old. Every child is unique and special, just the way God made them. I just happened to be blessed with a deaf child, a couple ADD kids, a sensory kiddo and four more incredibly unique individuals.

The Lioness (22) is my oldest. She graduated from Texas School for the Deaf and from Austin Community Colleges Floral Design Certificate program in 2017.  She loves all pretty things and taking pictures of all the pretty things including her horse. She dreams of doing big things. 

The Head Monkey (20) is my little man. Since 2 years old his obsession of locomotives fuels his dream of being a train engineer. Loves getting greasy under the hood of his truck and playing with his collection of weapons. He is currently working full time.

The Lone Wolf (18) lives and breathes horses. She also loves laying in the hammock with her dog and a good book. She is currently serving at King’s Kids and working at a nearby horse farm. 

The Flamingo (12) is my princess. She loves music and dance, has a pet chicken that she plays with daily and is a big help in the kitchen as she loves to cook. She is part of a choir and serves at King’s Kids as well.

The Rhino (10) is a quiet addition to our loud clan. He loves rhinos and airplanes. And he loves his big brother! They are the sweetest of buddies. He is currently playing hockey and loving it!

The Elephant (8) fills our lives with energy and adventure! He is always going and moving, discovering the world around him. He loves big things like tractors and trucks and dinosaurs. He will be starting hockey this season!

The Tiger (6) can hold his own among his brothers. He loves superheroes and playing outside. He is a great cuddle bug when he isn’t covered in mud.

and …

The Little Monkey (3) is such a blessing to add to our bunch! He is a screecher, probably so he can be heard! He is busy running and getting into everything. He is quite outspoken and opinionated, but you would have to be with this many siblings.

My husband and I are both the oldest of two siblings, but we ended up with 8 of our own!! After 20 years of parenting, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, and moving among many other life events, we hope to bring you fresh ideas for your family, a giggle to fill your belly, and the freedom to just be YOU!

I’m Adrienne, married for 22 years and mom to 9 fantastically unique kids. We’ve homeschooled from the beginning and now have two making their own way in the world. Our schooling is constantly evolving but the flexibility has allowed us to travel quite a bit over the years. We have all grown from the life lessons and experiences, individually and as a family.

For now I am trudging my way through the days, attempting to keep messes to a minimum, laundry washed (notice I didn’t say I’d put it away), feed the masses, and find a way to stick some facts in their heads.

The oldest, Alexis, is 22 and full of passion and determination. Fiery and fun, we can always count on good conversations, a good laugh, and a good cup of coffee.

Kristian, 20, is my steady, laid back guy. Always ready to make someone laugh or lend a helping hand, he makes friends wherever he goes.

Kaleb, 16, is always fixing, building, or inventing something. He loves to solve problems by thinking outside of the box. He’s always got a solution and a wisecrack (the running theme in our family is a sarcastic sense of humor; they all inherited it).

Anika, 14, is artistic and free-spirited. She creates her own path, is never bound by others’ opinions, and has acting skills that make us laugh until we cry.

Isaac, 12, is serious and focused, always setting goals and implementing ways to make them happen. He still manages to slip jokes in, despite his quiet and reserved demeanor.

Hannah, 10, is like the second mom, always keeping everyone in line or helping me cook. She is known to be a little sassy, but also has a heart of gold and loves animals more than anything.

Elijah, 7, is my curly-haired ball of energy. He’s always moving and built like a tank. He is a big sweetheart, full of generosity and hugs.

Eliana, 5, almost beats Hannah when it comes to sass and is my little sidekick. Sweet, fun, spunky, and is always surprising us with what she says.

Ezekiel, Zeke for short, is 2 and keeps me on my toes. Curiosity and will drives this little guy, and he’s always pouring, throwing, or tipping things. So cute, and so exhausting, we love him through it all.

Every day is an adventure when homeschooling a large family! Though far from perfect (not even on the radar) and with plenty more to learn, I’d love to share ideas and tips we’ve picked up throughout the years.