Building STEM Awareness in the Next Generation

  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is huge today in our computer driven society. Giving our kids a chance to explore the world of STEM is opening the gates of possibility. So we were excited to try our hands at the second monthly electronics kit by EEME. Check out the first kit review on […]

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Review of the EEME Genius Light kit, the first in the subscription series.

Hands On STEM Fun

One of the great things about homeschooling is the time to dig into topics of interest individual to each child. And with all the new subscription programs available, we have so many choices covering many topics. Like any other family, we don’t want to just throw our money at twaddle {twaddle: busy work with no […]

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What We Do All Day

The days I only had three wee ones at home seemed long and odious. They were young, newborn, 2, and 4. Shoot, I was young! I really didn’t want to stay home with them at first. I wanted to work and succeed and be productive! I wanted to do something I was proud of, and […]

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