In the Home

As mothers, we are CEO’s of our homes. It’s a big job to manage a large family and home.

Living Well Planner to set and crush goals for busy moms!

Let’s Crush some Goals

Are you running through life without any destination in mind? Or are you well organized and your dream board is attached to the fridge? Setting goals looks different for everyone and that’s ok! In today’s post I’m going to share awesome resources to help you get started on your goal setting journey and give you […]

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Large family vehicle solution.

My Large Family Vehicle, The Mom-Mobile

The mom-mobile, the family vehicle, the homeschool bus. I never wanted to be a minivan mom. I am a country girl and was comfortable in a truck. But now having eight children to taxi around, a truck isn’t going to do the job. But then, I do kind of drive a truck. I get asked […]

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What I love about being mom to these 8 people.

What I Love About Being a Mom

As mother’s day is fast approaching, I wanted to take some time to write down what I love about being a mom. And May is a special month for me, because it is also my birthday month, which usually falls on or around Mother’s Day. Plus I love spring, so this is a happy time […]

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Getting it all done when you have a large family.

Getting it all done

  Chores. It’s a necessary part of life so that we can enjoy the best parts of life. As much as I would love to write and tell you that my kids love chore day, I would be totally kidding you and myself. No, they definitely see chores as a necessary evil. Well … maybe […]

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