In the Home

As mothers, we are CEO’s of our homes. It’s a big job to manage a large family and home.

Meal planning with Google Docs

Meal Plan with Google Docs

We interrupt this Christmas spirit for some real life. We still gotta eat! I know we have all been focused on Christmas parties, Christmas food, Christmas presents, and Christmas decorating, but we still gotta eat! And during this busy season it’s nice to know I have meals covered. No surprises at 5:00pm! All my subscribers […]

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Homemade Christmas

Homemade Christmas

I’m not huge on the secular, materialistic side of Christmas, but I do love to give gifts to those I love. Coming from a small single income, we began a homemade Christmas tradition early in our marriage. I began making my children homemade gifts instead of store bought toys when the oldest were just little […]

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Best Gift Lists for Everyone on your List

Christmas is upon us and the pressure to wrap gifts and fill stockings has arrived. So here are ten gift lists that will feed your creative juices and not fill your homes with clutter! Non-Toy Gift Lists Check out the following blogs for terrific, non-toy gift lists. Sometimes we just have too many toys and […]

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Why I'm thankful for homeschooling

Why I’m Thankful for Homeschooling

Thanksgiving conjures up gratitude with “30 days of thankfulness” posts, words of gratefulness said over turkey and dressing, and a gentle reminder to just say “thank you.” We should be thankful year round, but Thanksgiving is that time of year we tend to be more intentional. As I’m reflecting on all the reasons I’m thankful […]

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Top Ten gifts for large families

Best Gift Ideas for Large Families

Gift giving has become a socially accepted part of holidays, especially for Christmas. Instead of focusing on the gifts we have because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we stress over finances and making sure we didn’t forget someone in our gift shopping marathons. And don’t take me wrong! I love to give gifts, but I love to […]

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5 Reasons I Write a Homeschool Blog

Why blog at all? Why blog about homeschooling? Surely I do more than just homeschool all day, right? Well, for my curious friends, I’m going to share with you the 5 top reasons I choose to write a homeschool blog. Reason #1: Homeshooling is our life Homeschooling is a way of life, so yes all I […]

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Living Well Planner to set and crush goals for busy moms!

Let’s Crush some Goals

Are you running through life without any destination in mind? Or are you well organized and your dream board is attached to the fridge? Setting goals looks different for everyone and that’s ok! In today’s post I’m going to share awesome resources to help you get started on your goal setting journey and give you […]

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Large family vehicle solution.

My Large Family Vehicle, The Mom-Mobile

The mom-mobile, the family vehicle, the homeschool bus. I never wanted to be a minivan mom. I am a country girl and was comfortable in a truck. But now having eight children to taxi around, a truck isn’t going to do the job. But then, I do kind of drive a truck. I get asked […]

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What I love about being mom to these 8 people.

What I Love About Being a Mom

As mother’s day is fast approaching, I wanted to take some time to write down what I love about being a mom. And May is a special month for me, because it is also my birthday month, which usually falls on or around Mother’s Day. Plus I love spring, so this is a happy time […]

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Getting it all done when you have a large family.

Getting it all done

  Chores. It’s a necessary part of life so that we can enjoy the best parts of life. As much as I would love to write and tell you that my kids love chore day, I would be totally kidding you and myself. No, they definitely see chores as a necessary evil. Well … maybe […]

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