Planning your Homeschool Year Part 4: Making it Happen

Whew! You have worked really hard at preparing for the upcoming school year, by examining calendars and time commitments, researching curriculum options, and putting all the pieces together into one beautiful homeschool schedule. Now how do you follow through and make your homeschool plan happen? Margin I discussed this a bit during Part 3: Scheduling, […]

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An interview of a homeschool graduate.

A Homeschool Graduate’s View

I love meeting people in the homeschool community. There are many of us in different stages of homeschooling, in different states and in different countries, in different financial situations and different family dynamics. We each make up our own unique homeschool! I love that we don’t all look the same. I was honored to swap […]

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How to schedule your homeschool year.

Planning your Homeschool Year Part 3: Scheduling

You have gathered your supplies and made a list of curriculum you will be using, now to make it all fit in your calendar! A homeschool schedule is crucial to making sure it all gets done. Life happens and gets in the way, but having a plan in the beginning creates a flow that results […]

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Planning your homeschool year

Planning your School Year Part 2: Choosing Curriculum

You have gathered your calendar, homeschool catalogs, and motivation. We are now ready to tackle to wide world of curriculum choices! Twenty years ago, homeschoolers didn’t have many curriculum choices, even ten years ago was pretty limited. Today the modern homeschooler has a stack of homeschool catalogs plus the plethora of digital materials available. How […]

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Learning Creation Science at home!

Considering God’s Creation Science Review

Summary This is a fun way to learn creation science!  It’s a 270 page lapbook style science program that can be used for a wide range of ages. Throughout the course your student will explore many topics, referencing the Bible as the authority. At the end of the year they will have a beautiful science […]

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Part 1: Planning your Homeschool Overview

Planning your Homeschool Part 1: Overview

I get asked often how I plan out my homeschool year with so many children. A yearly homeschool plan is a necessary part to a smooth homeschool year. It’s not much different than how I did it when I only had three children in school! I know the idea can be daunting, but it can […]

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Fun high school chemistry at home.

Fun High School Chemistry

So many parents are terrified to teach high school at home. Start talking about difficult subjects, like Chemistry, and faces turn white! As homeschool moms, we aren’t supposed to know everything, just know how to get the information our kids need! We are so blessed with so many resources today, there is no reason to […]

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Living Well Planner to set and crush goals for busy moms!

Let’s Crush some Goals

Are you running through life without any destination in mind? Or are you well organized and your dream board is attached to the fridge? Setting goals looks different for everyone and that’s ok! In today’s post I’m going to share awesome resources to help you get started on your goal setting journey and give you […]

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Salmon Patties: A Great Kids Meal

I love a good salmon fillet, but my kids don’t really appreciate the taste of fish done right. Plus my budget can’t really afford to feed 6+ kids grilled salmon! Salmon patties to the rescue! I keep this recipe pretty simple and even my 10 year old can whip up a batch of these patties […]

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Building STEM Awareness in the Next Generation

  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is huge today in our computer driven society. Giving our kids a chance to explore the world of STEM is opening the gates of possibility. So we were excited to try our hands at the second monthly electronics kit by EEME. Check out the first kit review on […]

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